Still Standing

he documentary “Still Standing” takes a close look at the North Carolina textile industry. From Weaverville to Lumberton, a handful of NC’s finest entrepreneurs kept their companies going through the worst industry downturn the state had ever seen. A fascinating look at what courage, faith, and innovation can lead to when facing long odds.

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Anytown, USA

Anytown, USA is an advanced seminar at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University offered annually through its Continuing Education program, in which students produce and edit videos related to a small town in North Carolina.

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Nester Hosiery

How one textile company, making “Farm to Feet” socks, has survived and thrived when most manufacturers are going overseas.

When much of America’s manufacturing went overseas, Nester Hosiery made the decision to keep their business in America. Not only that, but they also chose to use only American made materials. These famous socks are truly “Farm To Feet”.

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